Reinventing Class War

Five overprivileged Tory idiots have taken the manhole cover off the sewerage system along which Conservative philosophy flows these days.

Labelling the rest of us poor saps who work for a living as the ‘worst idlers in the world’, they have come up with a marvellous plan to make us redouble our efforts and make it easier for their chums to write themselves even bigger salary cheques – weaker labour laws to make life tougher for us all.

Cameron. Clegg and the Cabinet of millionaires are already on the case with this although I can imagine they are not best pleased at the new class war being outed  while so many of them have their feet up: the PM himself having explained very simply (so we can understand) that he needs a holiday.  Not annual leave, a holiday he insists. I’m not sure what point he is trying to make but it’s two fingers to those whose budgets won’t stretch to a week in Majorca this year, what with inflation, reduced tax credits and wage cuts.

The new workhouse is already in place and private companies being paid a small fortune to drag the dying back to low paid work.  The next target is the upstarts without trust funds to live on, inherited wealth and privilege or noses in the bonus culture trough.

We seem to be entering a new phase of class war – clearly the Tories have come a long way since David Cameron’s news releases were all about him washing up. hugging hoodies and cycling to work.

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