Stadium for Cornwall

Cornwall Council today decided to ignore the 1000s of local people who want a stadium for Cornwall by refusing to even consider the proposal to invest £10 million into a stadium for Cornwall.

The Pirates are banging their heads on the glass ceiling of promotion because they don’t have an adequate ground.  They have come to the Council with a solution and thousands of supporters – it is a strange response to send them away without even giving the plans consideration.

I have no problem with the principle of investing public money to deliver first class facilities for our communities and support jobs creation and the economy. We used to have a government that did this and economic growth – now we have the coalition, austerity and double dip recession.

Which makes it even more difficult for this project to get private investment and even more reason this request should be considered.

We invest in roads, the university, Tate St Ives, the wave hub, Heartlands, the airport and many other projects. We are considering dualling the A30 and upgrading other roads that benefit tourism and traffic. Why is this the one project that can’t even be considered for investment?

It is a shame that Tory party infighting and a lack of transparency have cast a shadow over this project but that is irrelevant to the merits of the scheme.

The recommendation  committed this Council to nothing except to subject these plans to the scrutiny process so that a considered decision can be taken.

However, the decision on the stadium funding should be taken on the merits of the proposal and not the prejudice of those who oppose public investment on principle.

The stadium supporters are taxpayers and voters and wanted the opportunity to make a business case for the plans. It is undemocratic to say the council will not even consider them.

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