What about Cornwall, George?

The Tories have got a lot of explaining to do in Cornwall: the pasty tax, the potential loss of £24 million to our economy this Easter as holidaymakers stay at home in case of fuel shortages and proposed regional pay for the public sector threatening more low wages for our workers.

At times like this, our MPs should be fighting our corner and making sure government is well aware of the consequences of their ill thought through policies. Unfortunately, our local Conservative MP, George Eustice, thinks the government should be more concerned with elections in London.

Conservative MP George Eustice blamed an “extraordinary” media “over-reaction” to Mr Maude’s comments.

“At the moment it’s very difficult for the government to get a good hearing,” he told the BBC’s Sunday Politics.

“My advice would be to stop, do nothing for a month apart from try to get Boris Johnson re-elected [as London mayor]… and then work on a coherent, clear plan for post-May to try to get back in the saddle and back on the front foot.”

(George Eustice MP speaking on BBC’s Sunday Politics)

Barmy. It’s the business of government to govern, not ignore the people while they go on the campaign trail. And Cornwall needs MPs who will stand up and protect our interests and our business, not worry about London’s mayoral elections.

2 thoughts on “What about Cornwall, George?

  1. That would suggest they had a clue of how to ‘govern’ in the first place. I’ve seen them ‘use’ power but I’ve seen precious little evidence evidence of any governing going on…

  2. I think this is slightly misconstrued, George was saying the Government should shut up and get on with their job and any next battle for the party as a whole is the London Mayor elections

    I have never known a Cornish MP as committed to Cornwall as George…

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