Do The Lib Dems Think We’re Daft?

One of the most cruel and unpleasant aspects of the right wing Tory/Lib Dem coalition is their assault on poor, sick and disabled people.

So it was a bit of a shock to see the headline ‘Minister says welfare cuts have been exaggerated.’ and this from a Lib Dem too.

Lib Dem Steve Webb says that the welfare cuts have been exaggerated.  In the same newspaper is a report on the letters now winging their way to the terminally ill, letting them know that contribution based Employment and Support Allowance will be time limited for a year from April 2012. Nice. Perhaps a Dignitas leaflet is enclosed in the mailing.

And while Steve Webb is claiming it is not that bad, the truth is that the Chancellor’s emergency budget and spending review, which the Lib Dems voted for, slashed £18 billion from payments to the disabled, housing benefits and child tax credits.

People living in care homes, sick and or disabled, will lose the mobility component of their Disability Living Allowance.

Young people with severely disabled parents would lose out by up to £3500 a year under the welfare reforms proposed.

And children with disabilities have had benefits cuts by half

Might not seem that bad to you, Steve.  It looks utterly disgraceful to me.

Note to Lib Dem speakers at the current ‘conference’ charade: you are the reason why the most right wing Tory government since Margaret Thatcher’s is able to cut benefits to the sick and disabled.  You may think the public has not noticed and will be dazzled by a bit of simpering and spin but really, we’re not that daft.

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