Wiping Labour off the map in Camborne

There are some people who like to claim Labour is not in the running in Cornwall.  It is true we have had a tough time in recent years but the truth is more complicated.  It is certainly very different to the blatant misinformation on Cornwall Council’s website, which fails to mention that Labour fought the Camborne & Redruth seat at all.

Thanks to Joe Vinson, President-elect of Cornwall College Students Union and someone we’ll hear a lot more of in the future for pointing this out –


The truth is that Labour has had a strong presence in Camborne and Redruth for decades and we had a Labour MP here from 1997 – 2005.  We lost the parliamentary seat in Cornwall by a small margin, as our vote went down and the Tory vote collapsed in 2005, benefiting the Lib Dems.

In 2010, being in government counted against us and the Lib Dems relentlessly pushed the message that people here had to vote for them to ‘keep the Tories out’. We all know the rest.

But, on behalf of the Labour Party, I campaigned hard in Camborne & Redruth and feel more than a little disgruntled by this omission and the response from Cornwall Council to Joe’s email.

I’ve had a chat with the people who run this part of the website, who have also spoken to the company who built the software that runs the election results part of the website.
Because we are unable to publish percentage results including decimal places
for elections, in this instance, the candidate received less than one percent of the votes cast so the percentage shows as 0%.  However the number of votes cast for the candidate is listed near the top of the page. You can also see that the pie chart does include a title for ‘O%’ – however, there is no way to produce a sliver that small to proportionally represent that number of votes.
I hope this helps explain why it is working in this way. Get back to me if you need to,

Basically, Cornwall Council has wiped Labour off the map by simply not counting our votes in the General Election 2010 and referring Joe to the Socialist Labour candidate’s vote.

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