Shame on Vince Cable. Not liberal. Not democratic.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I have disputed the idea that Lib Dem Vince Cable is a soft leftie, even if he was once a Labour councillor. He has always struck me a centre right politician and today’s announcement has confirmed that he is unleashing his inner Tory.

Vince Cable has threatened that working people will only retain their right to strike if they don’t use it.  Hardly a liberal stance.

It seems that in his view, working people do not have the right to protest about the government’s cuts. Why is that? Because the cuts were voted for by the majority?

Most people did not vote for these cuts. Vince Cable and the Lib Dems – like the Labour Party – went into the 2010 election saying that they would not support savage cuts.  As soon as they were offered a sniff of power, the Lib Dems ditched this election pledge and shoehorned the Tories into government to start slashing at spending.  The only excuse they have offered is that they changed their minds before the election but didn’t want to say so. Not democratic at all.

Vince says that strikes will damage the economy. That is exactly what the Lib Dems said about savage cuts – before the election. And the evidence is there.  Our economy, which was beginning to grow when Labour left office (and bringing down the deficit) is now flatlining.  The deficit is getting worse again.

So, who is more responsible for damaging the economy?  The working people who agree with what both Labour and the Lib Dems said before the election and have been proved right?  The same working people who want the right to protest against their treatment? Or the government whose policies have driven down growth?

Not only that but on top of breaking their election pledge, the Tory/Lib Dem coalition has awarded themselves a five year term of office, so that the public don’t get the chance to vote again and give their verdict on this dishonesty until 2015.

And workers who want to use their democratic protest and try to protect their wages, pensions and terms of employment are told that of they do, their rights will be taken away.

Surely this finally explodes the Vince Cable myth?

Unfortunately, workers are still stuck with a government hell bent on making ordinary, working people pay for the bankers’ crisis and their failing policies.

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