Let’s not recycle then

Got this update on the (Cornwall Council) waste survey today:

Just a few week’s into our waste survey and we’ve already had 7508 responses with more arriving each day via the website and in the post.

Results so far:

65% in favour of Option A

Weekly food waste and rubbish collections

Fortnightly recycling and garden waste collections

35% in favour of Option B

Weekly food waste and recycling collections

Fortnightly rubbish and garden waste collections

The survey is open till 14 May.

Option A will cost more and undermine efforts to drive up recycling. I know people don’t like smelly stuff hanging about for 2 weeks but the food waste would be collected every week.

Due to a split in the Conservative/Independent Cabinet over the new waste contracts, they decided to ask the public for views before making the decision.  At a guess, they want to gauge the strength of opposition to fortnightly collections before they risk it.

I can’t bring myself to decipher the various explanations of whether it is a vote, a consultation, a survey or (teeth clenched) public engagement but you can ‘give your views’ on the council website.

Environmentalists and those who don’t want to pay more, please help by choosing Option B!

2 thoughts on “Let’s not recycle then

  1. How do you stay sane in that environment Jude? (Voted Option B by the way – thanks for letting us know.)

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