Cornwall Council and water sports licences

Back in to the fray, my first full Cornwall Council election meeting was on Tuesday.

As a newly (re) elected councillor, I have had a warm welcome from many old colleagues and political opponents but especially from my Labour & Labour Cooperative colleagues – it is wonderful to be part of a positive and supportive group instead of a lone councillor.

One of the agenda items was about licences for water sports – charging businesses who use beaches for their trade, i.e. surf schools etc.  As a group we discussed it and came to the conclusion that it was not really business friendly to be charging thousands of pounds to small businesses, whose activities already bring in revenue and tourist trade already.

This was the most contentious issue on the agenda. The debate went on for what seemed like several hours but was probably about an hour and a half.  The Vice Chair of the Committee (Lisa Dolley)  that recommended the licensing refused to support the proposal as she had had further information and changed her mind, so it was not a good start.

As it became clear that councillors were sceptical, the Portfolio Holder (i.e. Cabinet Member) Joyce Duffin, made an impassioned plea, without success. The argument seemed to be that the council had to make cuts to the budget, so not agreeing this would lead to cuts elsewhere, that it would be a good thing for the licences to improve standards, make instructors have CRB checks etc, and that there would be so much administration involved it was unlikely to make money anyway.  As a package of arguments, not entirely convincing.

After circling the issue for some time and throwing the normal procedures for running meetings out of the window (people allowed to speak after the vote had been called etc), members voted every which way: for an amendment that called for a flat fee and then voted against the the same final proposal for a flat fee. The Labour group stuck to what we had decided earlier – that a smaller fee would be better (a £500 flat fee was proposed).

The issue will now go back to the Policy Advisory Committee for reconsideration as nothing was decided.

You need a sense of humour to be a Cornwall Councillor.

Camborne & Redruth elections results

The General Election dominates the results in Camborne, Redruth & Hayle but it was not the only election. We had five by elections as well: two for Cornwall Council and three for Camborne Town Council.

Our General Election result was disappointing, as were so many Labour results.  But it was also a huge increase from the result last time and put Labour firmly as the challenger to the Tories in this constituency. Our candidate, Michael Foster, was just amazing and we have all paid tribute to his massive energy and commitment to this constituency and Labour. We look forward to continuing our campaigns with Michael.

1. George Eustice (Con)       18452 elected

2. Michael Foster (Labour)    11448

3. Bob Smith (Ukip)                 6776

4. Julia Goldsworthy (Lib Dem)  5687

5. Geoff Garbett (Green)          2608

6. Loveday Jenkin                     897

In Camborne:

Cornwall Council By Election – Treswithian

1. Jude Robinson (Labour)     538 elected

2. Conservative                      530

3. Ukip                                    321

4. Lib Dem                              268

5. Mebyon Kernow                 180

After five recounts!

Camborne Town Council By Election – Treswithian (results scribbled down last night, so I hope no mistakes)

1. Bill Krey (Labour)           783 elected

2. Conservatives                542

3. Mebyon Kernow            480

Camborne Town Council – Roskear

1. Graham Winter (Labour)     648 elected

2. Liberal Democrat                509

3. Mebyon Kernow                 465

4. Green                                  219

The ones we lost were

Cornwall Council: Constantine, Mawnan and Budock

1. Conservative                    1431 elected

2. Lib Dem                             434

3. Ukip                                   416

4. Labour                               384

5. Mebyon Kernow               340

And Camborne Town Council – Pendarves

1. Conservative                    831 elected

2. Labour                              544

3. Ukip                                  520

4. Mebyon Kernow              236

I am really pleased to have been elected to Cornwall Council, to join the Labour group there working for our communities and also absolutely delighted by the elections of Graham Winter and Bill Krey at a time when Camborne Town Council is moving forward and taking so much more on. It is a shame Ray Webber and Adam Crickett could not join us but they bravely stood in difficult areas for Labour, flew the red flag and did very well.

The elections are over and the work starts for Labour councillors and campaigners in Cornwall.

The Choice in Camborne, Redruth & Hayle

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 09.33.06Today between 7am and 10pm is the time for the constituency of Camborne & Redruth (which includes Hayle) to make their choice of their next MP.

There is Labour’s Michael Foster, who has promised to create at least 200 new jobs for young people in the constituency. He is a man who has already created six successful businesses, set up a charity that has helped hundreds of disadvantaged young people in to work in the media and is working to set up a centre in Cornwall to give support to troubled young people who self-harm. My choice and I hope yours.

Michael is the only real challenger to the Tories (see latest poll from national pollster Lord Ashcroft). George Eustice is the candidate: a man who voted for the bedroom tax, which has penalised many of the poorest people in his constituency. He also voted against an investigation in to the causes of poverty and Food banks.( It was taken forward anyway by Labour MP Frank Field and the Bishop of Truro). Apart from that, George has worked hard to identify himself with many of Labour’s initiatives, such as the wave hub, the new Camborne Redruth link road (sadly downgraded by Tory cuts).

Some people may think Julia Goldsworthy is a challenger but she is in fourth place locally – according to several polls – just as her party is in fourth place nationally. Julia is up to old tricks on her election leaflets: unflattering or doctored photos of other candidates to make them look unattractive (or foreign?) compared with well groomed pictures of herself. The issues are not much better. She bangs on about Treliske’s historic debt and ignores the current NHS crisis in Cornwall, caused by her government’s policies; says the Lib Dems campaign to oppose regional pay even though her former boss Lib Dem Danny Alexander argued for it at the Treasury and claims her party is against the wasteful and costly Police Commissioners that they voted for in government. Oh and said she would be happy to argue for the bedroom tax on the doorstep.

That’s the choice – seems clear enough to me. (I apologise for any typos, this was done in a hurry in a tea break between the early morning delivery and the rest of a long campaigning day).

VOTE LABOUR, Vote Michael FOSTER and please also vote for me, Jude Robinson, as your Cornwall Councillor in Camborne Treswithian, Bill Krey as your Camborne Town Councillor in Camborne Treswithian, Graham Winter as your Town Councillor in Camborne Roskear and Ray Webber as your Camborne Town Councillor in Camborne Pendarves. We will all work hard for you.

Vandals in Redruth and Camborne

Nicky Williams and JudeMany people hate politics and politicians, we get that. But most of us activists are people who care passionately about making our communities – and countries – better. We not only work hard, we fundraise hard as well and donate our own money to our parties to help their efforts.

This is to the vandals who think that it is okay to take our property and destroy it.

I don’t know if it was another minor party or just anti politics vandalism.

When you destroyed the Labour boards at Avers roundabout and by Speedyhire (and the Conservative boards near Avers)  it is as much a crime as going in to someone’s house and smashing it up.

And you left your hammer – please feel free to call in and collect it from Camborne Police Station.