Cynical Tories and the Stadium Bribe

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 09.33.06Cameron has won some headlines today by cynically promising funding for a stadium in Cornwall.  Like most of the promises made in his pre-election bribes, he has not said where the money will come from.  No doubt, the working poor, disabled and vulnerable elderly people in care can expect another body blow.

This is even more cynical in that Cornwall Council had promised to part fund the stadium back in 2012. It was the Conservative Group Leader (now leader, then just a thorn in the side of the group) who led the charge against any public funding for the stadium.

As a Labour representative at the time, I voted for part public funding, which would have attracted private money and secured the stadium but those of us who wanted Cornwall to have this were defeated by a majority of Tories and Lib Dems, opposed to investment, opposed to securing the stadium and opposed to making sure it was a facility for the public.

Now desperate for votes, Cameron either does not know or does not care about his fellow Tories in Cornwall.

On the plus side, we can beat them here in Camborne, Redruth & Hayle with your support.

Beating the Tories in Cornwall

This is the latest polling in Camborne & Redruth constituency. The polling was done by Lord Ashcroft, a Conservative peer, who has become one of the most thorough and reputable pollsters in the country, specialising in analysing seat by seat rather than a national swing. It is quite clear that Labour can beat the Tories here, if the undecided voters, Greens and the remnants of the Lib Dems decide to support us. Please think carefully about your vote.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 09.33.06

Sick discrimination

One of the new pre election bribes from David ‘desperate’ Cameron is the reduction of Inheritance Tax on homes up to £1 million.  He even has a soulful eyed soundbite to go with it: “The home that you’ve worked and saved for belongs to you and your family. We’ll help you pass it on to your children.”

Except, of course, if you are sick. In which case, the Tory/Lib Dem coalition recommend that local councils take it off you to pay the costs of looking after you.

The new Care Act is a fraud. So called limits on paying for residential care do not include ‘hotel’ costs. In hospital of course, care is care, food and the bed is included.  if you have dementia or a whole range of other illness that cannot be cured, suddenly it is ‘social care’ and you pay through the nose.

Your home will go, one way or another, sooner or later.

Inheritance tax problem solved.

It does not stop there. New guidelines have included disability payments in the income of disabled and sick people so that councils can take even more and leave them with Income Support and a little pittance for ‘disability related costs’. Most of this, as disabled people know goes on stuff like ‘hotel costs’ leaving precious little for any other of the costs of disability. To ensure this happens, the coalition cut funding so councils have little choice.

Work all your life, save a bit, buy a home and get dementia. It’s not called a tax but you can whistle for support from the state that you have paid in to all your life. You will have to hand over your home for care. Unless you are fortunate enough to die quickly.

Work all your life, save a bit, buy a home, stay healthy and the Tories will bend over backwards to make sure you keep everything you have got to hand over to your children.

Can anyone seriously tell me this is not discrimination against people who are ill or disabled?

Labour’s General Secretary in Cornwall


Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party, visited Camborne last week to join in campaigns and hold a Cornwall wide meeting to discuss Labour’s campaigns in Cornwall.

Members from across the county came to the meeting, in which Iain gave an update on national campaigns, discussed the importance of Labour representation in Cornwall and thanked activists for their hard work.

Iain said: “I’ve been out on the doorstep here most of the day and it is clear that people in Cornwall would benefit from a Labour government just as much anywhere else in the country – especially with the low wage economy locally. We are working to get elected, not for ourselves but to rebuild our NHS, to end the cost of living crisis for working people and to make sure that young people have a better future.”

Iain is pictured outside the Labour Party campaign shop in Camborne following the meeting with activists. It is thought that he is the first General Secretary of the Labour Party to visit Cornwall.

EU to rescue our beaches

It looks as if the scandal of South West Water discharging sewage on to one of our most wonderful beaches may soon be ended by the European Commission.

The West Briton is reporting that the commission is taking the UK government to court for not ensuring that discharged water is not treated.

Anyone who knows Godrevy loves it and that sweep of bay from the lighthouse to St Ives is without doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Yet South West Water still uses it as overspill for sewage when old infrastructure cannot cope.

There have been ineffective noises from our MP and no action from government. Very good news that the EU is acting on our behalf.


I’ve registered with the TPS and I have a phone that blocks numbers if I ask it to. Still the phone calls keep coming.

A request for a quote four years ago for replacement eaves and drainpipes (Anglian) has resulted in regular calls since then, in which I tell them I had the work done for a quarter of what they quoted.  Every time, they tell me they will not call again.  I think after three and a half years, they have finally stopped but who can tell?

But that is only a minor issue. I can block some numbers but they change as fast as I can block them.

Basically, having a landline is just a nuisance.

Final straw, 08456021111. No idea who they are but they called at 8.46am this morning (waking Steve up), 10.26pm last night and 10.15pm last night (while Steve was trying to sleep).

Looking at my phone today, they also called yesterday at










Enough. Checked on ‘whocalledme’ It is obviously a spam company, so I am not picking up. I checked on the Ofcom website but the only complaint I can make is to the data commissioner because I have opted out via TPS. But I have to inform the company first.

Here is the Ofcom website, there are several different avenues to complain so it’s obviously of use to some people. But not enough. It’s about time government got to grips with this. Communication is great but not when it is relentlessly being targeted by fraudsters and salespeople.

Anyway, That is it for me. My landline is disconnected.